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6 ways to care for your curtains and blinds


Hanging brand new curtains or blinds is a great way to make your home feel fresh. But did you know you can maintain your home’s curtains easily to keep them looking this perfect for longer?


Perfect curtains maintenance doesn’t have to be cost or time intensive. Just follow these steps to keep your curtains looking squeaky new.


  1. Vacuum your curtains and blinds every week. Most vacuum cleaners come with an upholstery tool that's perfect for gently keeping your shades (roman, roller or pleated) dust free and looking their best. Start at the top and work your way down on both sides of the blinds or curtains. Be careful not to pull hard. Pay particular attention to the hems, and anywhere grime can accumulate more easily. Making this a part of your regular weekly (or monthly) cleaning routine can mean your window furnishings maintain their good looks far past their guaranteed lifespan.
  2. Wind, sun and fabric freshener. If your home’s curtains and blinds are clean looking but are somewhat odorous, you can hang them outside on the line on a mild, slightly windy day to air them. Judicious application of fabric freshener will clear up any stubborn smells, but do a patch test in an inconspicuous area first just to be safe.
  3. Hand washing. For very delicate fabrics like see-through cotton and netting, always wash your curtains by hand. You can even use the bathtub – add detergent while the water is running to make sure it's fully dissolved before dunking the fabric. Use a squeezing motion to avoid more destructive rubbing and follow with the slow spin cycle in your washing machine to squeeze out extra water before putting them on the line.
  4. Machine washing. If your window furnishings have taken a beating, a creeping mould is starting to appear, or you haven't cleaned them in a while, it's best to take them down and clean them using your washing machine's delicate cycle. An option for curtains only, you'll need to check your care label or manufacturer's instructions to make sure you can throw your drapes in the machine. Different fabrics require different approaches so be extra careful applying water and detergent – you don't want them to shrink. Also, be aware that sunlight can cause fabrics to deteriorate – what might look perfectly fine hanging can end up in shreds when put in the washer.
  5. Microfibre cloths. This one's for Venetian or vertical blinds (wooden, PVC or aluminium) that have accumulated dust and grease over time. Use a dampened cloth or blind brush with a little washing up detergent or vinegar added to it. You can also take them down and put them in a bath of soapy water but be careful not to damage or crack them. Hang to dry.

Call in a professional. If you’re worried about your window furnishings, don’t hesitate to call in a professional curtain or blind cleaner. You can choose to have them steam cleaned or dry cleaned, but do your research first because not all service providers have experience with drapes.