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Help! What should I choose? Blinds or curtains?


One debate guaranteed to perplex every home renovator is what to do with their window furnishings – curtains or blinds? It might seem like a simple choice but, alongside flooring treatments and wall colours, what you do with your windows has a significant impact on how your room will look and feel.


There are a few key things to consider before you make your decision. Let’s go through them one by one.


  1. How much privacy do you need? For bedrooms, you’ll want to up the privacy factor and, if you’re a light sleeper or like a siesta, make sure your choice completely blocks out light (and sometimes noise). Blockout blinds or curtains are your best choice here, perhaps mixed with a lighter treatment that lets you open up the room to sunlight when it suits you. You might even want to think about having two layers – one that filters the light while providing privacy during the day and one that blocks out early morning light, so you’re not awake at the crack of dawn.


Curtains can do a better job of completely blocking light as you can fit them into a pelmet to stop light from escaping. For a dose of hotel-style luxury, you could also add wall-to-wall curtains – there'll be no light getting in there!



Slatted Venetian blinds will allow in some light while providing shade – this might be good if you're an early riser who loves to wake up to natural light. They can be wiped with a duster for super easy cleaning, and they won't fade over time.


If you’ve got limited space, go for blinds. You can fit them into the recess of your window frame, so they don’t protrude, giving your wall a streamlined look. Blinds can also be a good choice for children’s bedrooms where grubby paws can make curtains look dowdy in no time, forcing you to pop them in the wash more often.


  1. Do you want to frame or highlight a view? In larger living and dining areas, where you’ll want to make the most of natural light and vistas, grand full-length curtains can be a grand choice – either sheer or opaque. The movement and flexibility they offer looks wonderful, and they'll keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, so you don't need to spend so much on heating or cooling the room.


Another bonus is you won't necessarily have to fork out for made to measure options because most curtains are designed to overlap the edge of your window frame. And they’re safer for young children and pets because they don’t need a pull cord to open.


One downside with curtains is they attract all kinds of dirt – fluff, dust, hair, you name it. And that means you’ll need to clean them reasonably regularly to keep them looking at their best. Don’t use them in a small room – unless you want to make the space appear tiny – and keep them out of kitchens and bathrooms where moisture can make them go mouldy. 


  1. What size and type of window do you want to cover? Take a good look at your existing windows – are they traditional double hung, French doors, or frameless walls of glass? The first two look equally great with curtains and blinds, so you’re spoilt for choice. Walls of glass can be tricky – whatever you choose you’ll need to have them made to measure, and with curtains, there's the issue or where you fit your hardware.
  2. How much light do you need? If you have a bedroom or perhaps lounge that you need a greater level of darkness when it's getting light outside (those summer mornings can get bright so getting some blackout curtains in Sydney might be a good idea!) then blinds will give an increased coverage, having them fit just above the window for total coverage is a smart idea but blinds allow for more control over the total level of light that is let in. Do you have a TV, PC or use other screens in that room where glare might be more of an issue?


Kitchen windows will require particular thought – you need something that will stand up to a lot of staining, wear and tear. Blinds are better here because they're easier to clean. To soften the look, you could team them with an easy wear, sheer curtain.


Venetian blinds – timber, plastic or aluminium – are the perfect choice for bathrooms because they’re mould resistant and streamlined. If you want a luxe look, try Roman blinds.



If you’re after commercial blinds in Sydney, we can help. We’ll consider the size, shape, privacy needs and aesthetic of your room to help you make the right decision for your space.