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Why plantation shutters are great for insulation all year round


When you want an effortlessly elegant, durable and easy-care window covering, plantation shutters are your #1 choice. Their clean, streamlined good looks lift all interior styles, and generations of style-conscious homeowners have seen them as the ultimate window treatment. 


But their benefits go beyond pure aesthetics – they're also a particularly good option for our harsh Australian climate. That’s because plantation shutters deliver the ultimate in privacy, durability and warmth. The timber louvres mean you can tailor ambient light and ventilation to meet your specific needs, and they'll always look great, no matter what décor you prefer.


Timber is a naturally insulating material, and when an expert correctly installs them, plantation shutters will keep your home far warmer in winter and cooler in summer when compared to blinds and drapes. Blinds tend to leave a sizeable gap between the edge of the material and the wall or window frame, allowing airflow to circulate freely and the temperature in your home rises and falls accordingly.


By contrast, plantation shutters are cut to fit your windows exactly. They can be mounted in the window recess or frame to ensure there are no gaps between the two and, when the louvres are closed tight, they trap the airflow behind the shutter. That means you’ve got more control over the temperatures in your home, letting the air and light in when and where you want it. Unless you can pin your blinds or curtain material flush to the wall, you'll never get the same kind of command over your indoor environment.


Wooden shutters always look warm and organic, but if you want a clean, streamlined look, you can also choose paintable finishes for a window solution that adapts to changing design trends.  They're even easy to wipe clean with a microfibre duster or damp cloth – no more removing your curtains and worrying about whether the washing machine or dry cleaned will shrink or fade them.


Plantation shutters are also great if you want a customised look for unusually shaped windows like diamonds, circles and oversized shapes. In fact, no two windows are ever precisely the same size, so each plantation shutter will need to be made separately to ensure a good fit. 


They also improve the ventilation control and privacy for a room. A set of well-fit plantation shutters will let the breexe in (or keep it out if you prefer). Having the ability to be set either horizontally or veritcally with graduated control over the spacing between slats means you can have the benefits of space and increased airflow while keeping prying eyes out of your room, so for built up areas like Sydney plantation shutters are very valuable.


Why plantation shutters are always so popular:

  • They’re easy to clean
  • They look beautiful for longer
  • They add privacy and noise control
  • You can control the amount of light emitted
  • They provide extra insulation
  • They’re moisture and humidity resistant
  • They’re perfect for unusual window shapes.

Solid timber shutters also add an extra level of security and privacy. When closed, you can control any unwelcome ambient noise, and you and your belongings are out of sight from prying eyes. Closing shutters in the bedroom will deliver a black-out solution for those who have trouble sleeping. When open, you can enjoy the light and breezes of a sunny day without being visible from the street.


These timeless window furnishings date back to ancient Greece, where the climate required a fitting that allower for light, airflow and temperature control. Originally marble, wood became more popular due to it's flexible nature. European expansion brought plantation shutters to the Americas and then the rest of the world.


No matter what colour, size, shape or style you need to make your home look and feel beautiful, we’re here to help with expert plantation shutters installation that ticks all the boxes.